Nikki (Headmistress Bloodgood)

Hi, I’m Nikki…

…and I love everything dark.

I was born as Headmistress Bloodgood, but now I have a new life and new personality. I like to be alone, but sometimes I feel lonely. I need someone who understand me…

My new hair is soft synthetic black hair. I like this new hair, because I can style with my mini hair straightener. I have to be very careful to not burn my new makeup.
My new makeup was created with soft arists pastels and watercolor pencils. My body is carved and blushed, so my body looks more feminine.
I’m wearing a pretty jumper by Elena Kuts. This black jumper perfectly fits to me. I have high heels, too.
I will arrive to your home with the jumper, shoes and a black headband.

You can adopt me from Etsy:


Repainting video

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  • Eye
    2015-10-02 at 09:39

    Gyönyörű lett a gót királylány! Már el is képzeltem neki a hosszú, fekete csipkés ruhát, természetesen kesztyűvel:) Szeretem ezt a babát, nagy karakteres arca van, és igazán jól sikerült az átfestés!

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