Tutorial for dolls

Here is a little step-by-step tutorial for dolls. We will learn which are the steps of customizing a Blythe doll:)

Step 1:
– take apart the Blythe doll, using the right size of screw drivers

Step 2:
– find a place where you can work on Blythe dolls, example a table

Step 3:
– drag the Blythe head and put to on the table (this is a hard step, because of the size and weight of the head)

Step 4:
– try to find the best position to work on your Blythe head

Step 5:
– use the finest sandpaper on the Blythe head

Step 6:
– fix the finished surface with a spray sealant and paint it!

Step 7:
– after you finished the repainting, assemble the doll and put on some clothes for her/him

Step 8:
– take photos of her and send these photos for your best dolly-friends

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