Aria (OOAK Pullip)

Aria is my first custom Pullip doll. It was an interesting challenge to customize her:) I hope you like the final result

For this project, I used a “Make It Own” Pullip kit. I sanded off the shiny surface of the original face and slightly re-carved her nose and mouth. I repainted her face with the highest quality pastels and watercolour pencils. I fixed my work with a spray sealant (MSC UV Cut). She got some light body blush and white nails. I made her new eyes as well by using glitters and acrylics.

Adopt her from this page (€310+): http://unniedolls.com/?product=pullip-aria
…or from my Etsy shop (€320+): https://www.etsy.com/listing/517283443

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