New dolly adoption rules from March 1st

Hello everyone!:)

From March 1st I change some things related to my Blythe sales. These are the most important things that you need to know in the first round:
☑ registration will be required on my webpage
☑ auction type dolly listings with a low starting price
☑ the highest bidder wins the doll (everyone’s nickname will be visible in the auction history)
☑ no future discounts on the dolls that were listed previously on an auction
☑ if the auction ends without bids, I’ll list the doll again for a fixed, higher price

In the future, I’ll share photos of my available dolls with the auction dates on my Instagram and Facebook, so if you like a specific doll, you’ll have a chance to win the doll for a lower price through the auction. I’ll also send a newsletter before I list a doll, so you’ll be notified in time.

Many hugs!🤗


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