Customizing my own Blythe doll

During this repaint, you can see how I created an intense faceup for my own Blythe doll. I did this by layer to layer. Some of you might prefer the very light colors, without freckles, while others might like the faceup better with freckles and with more saturated colors. The finished version is really intense with freckles, strong colors, and glitters, but as a customizer, IT IS your choice when you stop the coloring process so there can be several times when you might think that “this doll is finished now” then you saw I added more colors, more freckles, or more glitters. ..
The video is 10:37 minutes long and you can watch the video through my webpage, but only if you have an active Golden Insider membership on my Patreon page❤

Click here to watch this video, also other 8 ones: https://unniedolls.com/new-blythe-tutorials/

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