Don’t have money for a custom doll?💰 But you have some uncustomized Blythe in your home? TRADE WITH ME!🔁
Send me a doll which I’ll send back you customized and another (genuine) Blythe which I’ll keep😊
I made some similar trades in the past and now I’m offering this opportunity anyone who lives in the European Union and for 3 people who is living outside of the EU.

Customization includes: sanding the faceplate and the backplate, carving and doing the faceup in my style, adding new eyelashes, 2 new pairs of eyechips, sleeping eyes, new pulling charms.
Not included: bigger modifications, like new body, teeth, ears, and tattoos. However, if you send a new body with your doll, I’ll gladly change it for you:)


Write to me if you need more info or if you want to trade with me!:)

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