Harley Quinn

I started to customize this doll a long time ago, in 2017. Back then, I did half of the reroot, but now I finished everything! The hardest thing was her tattoos. I thought it will be hard to draw such small details, but OMG! I wanted to draw everything how it is, but there wasn’t enough space😭 So I had to change some font type or don’t draw certain things. The good thing is: I could test my new Arteza watercolor pencils! I used only these to repaint this doll and I’m very pleased with the result🤗 I hope you also like how she turned out!:)

You can buy this doll from my shop: https://unniedolls.com/shop/mh149/
…or from my Etsy store: https://www.etsy.com/listing/693969623/


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