OOAK Atomaru DoranDoran doll

I wanted to create a hybrid sister for Sunny. I really really like how Atomaru’s DoranDoran doll is looking like, so I bought her for this project. Unfortunately, she is much smaller than Sunny and her head will not fit well on Azone Pure Neemo M or L body 🙁 I still wanted to customize her, since her face and body is so adorable, so I decied I’ll create a natural looking doll. I rerooted her head with Alpaca. It was a loooong process. After the reroot I made a new dress for her and I gave one of Sunny’s boots. Now, she is available for adoption:)

Adopt her from this webpage (€190 +shipping): https://unniedolls.com/shop/atomaru
…or from my Etsy store (€200 +shipping): http://etsy.me/2n4cGrf


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