I’m on Patreon now!

I was thinking for a while to create a Patreon page, but I have not made it until now. There is why I’m making now: starting in January 2020, Youtube creators will have to identify whether their content is intended for children. If I, as a creator or the YouTube algorithms identify my content as “kids content,” that content will have very limited monetization, if any, and will no longer have comments or notifications. My content is primarily intended for older audiences such as teens and adults, but because it features some characters and toys that are generally considered to be “for kids,” such as Disney characters, Monster High dolls, Barbie dolls there’s a chance it will be identified as “kids content” and therefore effectively de-monetized.
Doll customizing is still kind-of “grey zone”, but this might mean that I’ll not earn any money through Youtube with my videos. Patreon is a way for me to still create videos. I have many exciting plans for the future and I hope we can go along this way together!:)

Please read about my goals and check out the tiers I’m offering. I hope to see you on Patreon!:)

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