Kawaii Nurse (OOAK Pullip doll)

I was playing LinePlay some years ago and there were some months when we could win nurse costume to our avatar. I couldn’t win the fanciest clothes and accessories, but I really liked the designs. I especially liked the animated big syringe. To make this doll I get inspired mostly by the syringe.

So, I made a big syringe for my Kawaii Nurse doll that she can wear on her back, just like we are wearing a bag. My base for this custom doll was Pullip Nanachan. I removed her original faceup and re-carved her face a little bit. After carving, I made a new faceup. She got a silver/gray wig and fitting eyechips. I also made a costume for her, which was very challenging but I think she is looking kawaii 😊

You can adopt this kawaii nurse from my shop: https://unniedolls.com/shop/pullip2/


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