Customizing a Pullip doll – Tutorial series

Today I shared the last episode of my Pullip customization series on Patreon. I was managed to connect my webpage to Patreon, so all of the videos are gathered into a page here, which is visible to everyone who is a Golden Insider (or up) on my Patreon. You can join to Patreon through my webpage too, so don’t worry if Patreon seems too complex first. You can join easily and every tutorial will be visible instantly for you:)

You can watch the following episodes:
Episode 1: removing the wig
Episode 2: opening the head
Episode 3: carving the face
Episode 4: repainting the face
Episode 5: changing the eyechips
Episode 6: changing the original body
Episode 7: assembling & showing the finished doll

The 6th episode will be available at my next custom Pullip doll, but I shared my experiences in a post on Patreon. I also added many photos, so you can see what I did, how I changed the original body to an Obitsu one.

These video tutorials will not be shared everywhere else. These are exclusive tutorials for my patrons.

Click here to watch the video tutorials: https://unniedolls.com/pullip-tutorials/

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