Eyechips for Valentine’s day

We designed two Blythe eyechips for Valentine’s day. My idea was to make two different styles, where the first one is a red, romantic design that reflects the fulfilled love. But I wanted a darker one as well, which reflects the sad love and the broken heart. The “fulfilled love” design is available to everyone in my Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/listing/766076859/

This design is also downloadable for my “Elite Insider” ($5) supporters on Patreon, so if you become an Elite Insider you’ll be able to make unlimited eyechips in your home by using this design:)

The “broken heart” is a Patron-Exclusive design. Only my “Golden Insider” ($15) patrons will receive a pair of eyechips, which I’ll send to your address. I’ll not sell this design anywhere else, only Golden Insider patrons will get it!  Golden Insiders also have access to the downloadable sheet of the “fulfilled love” design.

Visit my Patreon page and get these designs while supporting me and my art.

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