EN – About me

My name is Kata. I’m making dolls since 2012. I’ve been interested for art always. When I was younger, I drew/painted and I took photos. I didn’t learn much art in the school, but I tried to improve my skills at home.

Unnie dolls
I wanted to create dolls since 2009, but didn’t have a sewing machine. I started to design my first doll in 2012, after I got my first sewing machine.
I really like the ball jointed dolls and the korean dramas, so this two things inspired me for making this type of doll. Her name is “unnie”, because of her body type. She has femine shape and she has breasts. She looks older than a little child girl, so she is an Unnie.

Clay dolls
After a half year I decided I will create clay dolls, not just fabric dolls, elephants and snails.
Mylo was my first doll. I made him of air dry clay. After Mylo I created other clay dolls.
I made my dolls with all of my love and every time when I sell them, I feel I give one piece of my heart too. Sometimes when I send a doll I lost 1-2 teardrops too…

I finished my first Ball Jointed Doll in the Summer of 2013 . Her name is Rose.
I finished my second Ball Jointed Doll in Spring of 2014. She was a custom order and her name is Sophie.
My third doll is in the way… 🙂

Monster High, Ever After High and Blythe
I started customize Monster High, Ever After High & Blythe dolls in 2014. They got new makeup, hair & new clothes.
I made “hybrid” dolls too. Example a Blythe doll head with an Azone PureNeemo body.

Custom orders
If you see my photos you will know what kind of dolls I make. If you have an idea, please write me and we will create your dream-doll:) I will have a lot question for you, because YOU have to be satisfied at the end. I have to know everything about your dream-doll.
I can make unique and the most beautiful dolls in my stlye. I never copy other artist’s dolls, so please never ask this. I never copy my dolls too! Of course, these dolls may be inspiring, but I want to create unique dolls…