Mango (OOAK Monster High doll)

Mango is a customized Monster High doll, the base is Draculaura. I used nylon to reroot the head, her name comes from the name of the nylon hair, which is mango:) I created a fitting outfit with a big pocket and frill. I repainted her face and blushed her body. Her bottom part is carved, so she is looking more feminine naked, however, I did not add nipples. Mango is waiting for you to adopt her 🧡

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Sofia (Neo Blythe Sea Sailor See)

Sofia is a cute chocolate lover girl:) The base is Sea Sailor See Neo Blythe doll. I fell in love with her cute short brown hair, this is why I bought her. During the customization, I carved her face and repainted it. I also changed her body and all of her eyechips. I chose eyechips from my own collection, which you can buy it too and use at your dolls:) I hope you like Sofia as much as she likes chocolate! ❤

You can adopt Sofia from my shop: https://unniedolls.com/shop/blythe104/

Emma (customized Yeolume doll)

Emma is my first customized Yeolume doll. It was fun and exciting to customize her. The base is Hatsune Miku. She got a new blonde wig, new brown eyechips, and new clothes. I also wanted to change her body, but I ordered a darker body accidentally, so in the end, I did not change it. She also got a new faceup with cute blushing and freckles. I hope you like how she turned out💗

You can adopt Emma from my shop https://unniedolls.com/shop/y-emma/

Mio (OOAK Blythe doll)

With my fiancé, we have a fun game where he is making a kind of a “duck” face🙃🦆👉👈 he has a similar mouth to this doll while making that face. I think he is very cute with that mouth, so this is why I made this Blythe to have a similar mouth shape💗 I changed 3 of her original eyechips and her body to an Obitsu 24cm one. She will arrive with a journal, where I added photos of the customization progress, but there are many empty pages, so you can continue her story after she arrived at your home:)

You can adopt Mio from my shop: https://unniedolls.com/shop/blythe103/