Mio (OOAK Blythe doll)

With my fiancé, we have a fun game where he is making a kind of a “duck” face🙃🦆👉👈 he has a similar mouth to this doll while making that face. I think he is very cute with that mouth, so this is why I made this Blythe to have a similar mouth shape💗 I changed 3 of her original eyechips and her body to an Obitsu 24cm one. She will arrive with a journal, where I added photos of the customization progress, but there are many empty pages, so you can continue her story after she arrived at your home:)

You can adopt Mio from my shop: https://unniedolls.com/shop/blythe103/

Maeve (OOAK Moanica D’Kay)

Molly asked in a Facebook group about why people like to customize Spectra, also what is our favorite base to customize? I shared one of my Spectra customs with her and she noticed that the color scheme is similar to Jeffree Star’s new eye shadow palette (Cremated). I agreed with her, however, on that palette I saw some warmer colors as well, which really inspired me to customize a doll that represents the colors from the Cremated eye shadow palette. This was a collaboration with @halicrafts, who already customized some doll which was inspired by other Jeffree Star’s palettes. Watch my video on YouTube to see his doll, also the progress of my doll:)

You can buy this custom doll from my shop: https://unniedolls.com/shop/mh161/


Exclusive rewards – June 2020

These are the exclusive eyechips rewards for my Golden Insider Members for June 2020. I usually reward realistic eyes in one month and fantasy eyes in the next month, so you can get a good variety of different styles. This month I’ll share the downloadable version of this design as well, so you can make your own eyechips at home.

This month I’ll be also sharing a clothing pattern. I’ll try to share the design in two sizes, Blythe size, and MSD ball-jointed doll size. The pattern will be available only to my Elite Insiders ($5) and up. I’ll upload a tutorial to my YouTube channel, so you’ll be able to follow my instructions while having the pattern as well.

Read more about Patreon and join if you want to get these rewards: https://unniedolls.com/tutorials/

⛔ NO PENCILS challenge

This #NoPencilsChallenge originally was created by a fellow doll customizer @halicrafts. He invited some of us other artists to join and customize a doll without using our trusty watercolor pencils. I was afraid before I started repainting this Monster High doll, but in the end, she turned out very well. I had to use more spray sealant, also my workflow was slower, but it was a fun challenge and inspired me to use brushes more often in the future. If you want, join this challenge as well. Use the #nopencilschallenge hashtag on Instagram and I’ll reshare your creations in my IG Stories.


Harajuku Decora Kei Barbie doll

Harajuku is a colorful fashion style in Japan. I transformed a “Game developer” Barbie doll to a Harajuku girl. Her name is Ayaka which means “colorful flower” in Japanese. I think this name really suits her new style:) My main inspiration for this repaint was @kokoafranco ‘s beautiful makeup💗 For the dress I used different shades of purple and yellow. In the end, I decorated the dress with beads and tiny fruit slices🙈🍓🍋 This doll also a collab with a fellow doll customizer @halicrafts 🤗